Captain of None



For the start up company, its really, really difficult to survive. To attract staff to my company is more difficult than to earn money constantly.

Sometimes we cannot satisfy all statf. We must create priorities for our campany to survive tomorrow. I hope that they believe our company when we are having difficulty.

Eu haere ia oe

f:id:ma_shi_7777777:20170417004428j:plainAs giving advices about design, I recognize more of how I consider and decide in the process of design. It is important for me to explain my decisions in words, even when I made those without thinking. I wish to systematically introduce my methods of designing to others.

Hive / In Blue


I went to San Francisco on a businesstrip for the first time in five years. I gained 3kg in only a month stay because I have had hamburger and beer almost everyday. Now I try hard to put weight back on again. When I have chances to visit there again, I must bring  something I can do exercise with such as running shoes.

This art work in photo was exhibited in KAAT ( Kanagawa arts theatre ).



My friend reminded me of my dream.

Busy days had made me forgot my dream for a year. I am grateful for that he gave me the chance to remember it. I believe that it is necessary to remember our dreams at all times for making them come true.