The sudden chance took me to London for a short time. I was tired from being busy during the trip, but it reminded me of the exciting life once I lived.

I should leave here as soon as possible. I'll go my way.



A good chance comes suddenly everytime. A good chance waits for no one everytime. In order to make my life an adventure, it is important to be flexible. Thaks for my crazy good friends. They still and will never bore me. I’m a happy person.

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As you know, Yokan is the most beautiful product in Japan.
Minuteness of its cubic outline emphasizes its handmade beauty which are held by the different depth of colors and the rough line between the layers.

This Yokan "TAKIOTO" is inspired by " Falling Colors" painted by Hiroshi Senju. His paintings makes me solemn. We can see them (and have this beautiful Yokan) in Yamatane museum of art until Sep.15,2014.