Eu haere ia oe

f:id:ma_shi_7777777:20170417004428j:plainAs giving advices about design, I recognize more of how I consider and decide in the process of design. It is important for me to explain my decisions in words, even when I made those without thinking. I wish to systematically introduce my methods of designing to others.

Hive / In Blue


I went to San Francisco on a businesstrip for the first time in five years. I gained 3kg in only a month stay because I have had hamburger and beer almost everyday. Now I try hard to put weight back on again. When I have chances to visit there again, I must bring  something I can do exercise with such as running shoes.

This art work in photo was exhibited in KAAT ( Kanagawa arts theatre ).



My friend reminded me of my dream.

Busy days had made me forgot my dream for a year. I am grateful for that he gave me the chance to remember it. I believe that it is necessary to remember our dreams at all times for making them come true.



Airbnb is one of my best favorite serivices.
I find new things whenever I use it. We can feel local life of families life, local nature, local store and more. It adds me a new viewpoint. I really recommend to use it. I will use it in Taiwan again ;)












Bye-bye hotel Okura. 

Thank you for your traditional beauty and unparalleled hospitality. I was so impressed by  lamp, texture, room, space, food, and... so every nook and corner !  Befor you die, I recognize the goodness of Japanese style again. I hope that you will be bone with good structure as you now.