Tiny People Singing Over the Rainbow

f:id:ma_shi_7777777:20140708001021j:plainThe “bubble” era may be precious fortune for Japan.

Many unique architectures were built in the bubble era - Ichihara Lakeside Museum is one of them. Its unique form and the surrounding of beautiful nature makes the redesigned building look fresh.The combination of uniqueness made in the bubble era and the newness catch attracion of us. I was impressed by the architect’s power of redesigning.It is necessary to study about the Bubble for young creator like me. We may find some hidden factor from the works in the period.

Work in the photo, built in front of the building, is [Come flying -HIRAI—] done by Shinohara Katsuyuki. Although it stands there for more than 10 years, it still has the power of beauty.


♬Tiny People Singing Over the Rainbow - Gutevolk